Property Law


Property Law and especially the branch dealing with real property is an indispensable aspect of the legal profession in every jurisdiction due to the perennial importance attached to ownership of land.  The island has experienced an exponential growth in the field of land development over the past few years which generated a vast number of transactions and business activities in the field. The attractive benefits offered by the location and climate of Cyprus  together with the accession of Cyprus in the EU have been major contributing factors to the enormous land developing and immovable property investment in Cyprus both by local and foreign investors.


Our Law firm provides specialised and quality services in this filed through its team of experienced lawyers and external associates covering the whole spectrum of the property industry in order to meet all potential client needs. We collaborate closely with external associates all professionals in their fields, ranging from those of quantity surveying, land developing, to those real estate agency, through which we can provide a variety of services and consultations. Our clients, be they local or overseas, may depend on us to deal with both freehold and leasehold property as well as all matters relating to commercial and residential disputes.

When dealing with property, we undertake the drafting of individualised, personalised contracts, tailor made to suit the needs of every individual client and address his or her concerns. Our drafting includes inter alia Sale and Rental Agreements, on behalf of both buyers and sellers, Cancellation Agreements, Trust instruments, Assignment Agreements, Mortgages etc.

Our Law firm can provide consultation and litigation services on any real property related matter as well as provide advice and assistance in relation to inter alia DLO procedures, boundary disputes, rights of way (easements) and due diligence in relation to any real property matter.

Summarily our service include inter alia the following

  • Consultation
  • Negotiation
  • Litigation
  • Contract drafting
  • Creation Drafting and Management of Trusts in relation to Real Property
  • Acquisition of Property by Aliens including applications to the council of ministers for acquisition of property by non Cypriots, expatriation of funds and related matters
  • Acquisition of land related certificates.
  • Force Sales
  • Execution Registration Elimination of Mortgages
  • Registration of Charges of Land
  • Resolution of Boundary disputes
  • Resolution of Co ownership disputes
  • Applications to the DLO
  • Property management Schemes.