Shipping law


The area of Merchant and Shipping Law in Cyprus has seen enormous growth and development over the past decades. The rise of Cyprus among the maritime elite nations of the world has generated a great volume of shipping and maritime business in the island has simultaneously created increased demands in the corresponding field of the legal profession. Our law firm seeks to meet those needs and respond to the demanding nature of this area of the profession.

Our firm is based in the heart of the islandís maritime business centre, in the town of Limassol, right next to the Limassol port which handles the vast majority of the islandís maritime activity. Our offices are situated on the sea front only stone throws away from the cityís old harbour, in a location where shipping companies, maritime businesses and service providers have established their bases. Our proximity to the heartland of the maritime industry facilitates the efficiency of the services provided by the Firm.

In this section we have sought to provide an overview of our services in this area of the profession as well as a number of important and useful information on the subject of the Merchant and Shipping sector in Cyprus.


Among the services that our firm provides to our clients in the area of Merchant and Shipping Law include inter alia the following:

  • Consultation
  • Registration of Shipping companies
  • Registration of Vessels
  • Drafting and negotiating Ship building and repairing contracts
  • Personal injury Claims
  • Insurance, Protection and Indemnity (P&I) and Insurance Claims
  • Mortgages (creation, enforcement, transfer and deletion)
  • Merchant Shipping Litigation.