Wills & Administration


The planning and administration of property is one of the most important and essential arrangements in a person life. People inevitably need to address these issues whether for reasons of providing for the family and loved ones, or for avoiding unnecessary taxation on their estate or even to settle their affairs in such away so as to avoid regrettable family disputes after their passing.


Our firm can provide with a comprehensive list of options that corresponds to the demands of the particular circumstances of individual clients. The wealth of diverse expertise at our disposal and the innovative guidance of our attorneys blends together in order to provide clients with the most efficient solutions to secure the financial future of their successors.

We could further advise on the use and variations of Wills or trust instruments and undertake to draft uniquely structured trusts utilising the most appropriate mechanisms for each settler.   We further undertake to advising trustees and beneficiaries on their fiduciary duties and administrative obligations, as well as assist with management and tax-administration.

We take pride in devising efficient tax-saving strategies in managing your estate as well as in drafting personalized, tailor-made transactional documents to suit the individual needs of each client and address his or her concerns. To better advise on the best plan of action we often work in partnership with our clients and focus on the result most desired.

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Drafting and Executing Wills
  • Administration of Estate
  • Tax Planning
  • Trusts
  • Counseling on Administration of Chattels  and Land
  • Charities
  • Litigation
  • Will/Trust disputes